The Historic Hill Association

Newport, Rhode Island

gas lights

August 2014: GAS LIGHTS

The Historic Hill Association has been in conversations with Bill Riccio, Director of Public Services for The City of Newport, concerning establishing an "adopt a gas light" program. Residents and businesses and non-profit organizations would be able to adopt one (or more) gas lights to aid in the yearly maintenance of the gas light. Standard maintenance would include replacing gas mantles and cleaning the glass. More substantial maintenance such as repairs and replacement of parts could be accommodated by a more aggressive maintenance agreement which would be aided by foundation financial assistance. Each light would be numbered and a log would be established stating who has adopted the light or lights. A Resolution is being brought forth by Third Ward Councilor Kate Leonard to City Council to support this initiative.
The program should be in place by the coming fall.
This is the proposed Gas Light Resolution to go before the next city council meeting:
WHEREAS, in a previous resolution The City of Newport recognized "the value of gaslights and the positive impact they have on tourism in the City of Newport" and
WHERAS, the Historic Hill Association understands the challenges Newport faces in maintaining its street gas light system; and
WHERAS, limited budget funds have failed to keep up with maintenance, repairs caused by accidents and the toll of salt air on the various metal surfaces; and
WHERAS, with that in mind, The Hill Association has offered a proposal for an "Adopt a Gas Light" program and this could be a viable solution to "keeping the gas lights on " in Newport; BE IT
RESOLVED: that the Council hereby authorized the City of Newport to explore the concept of an "Adopt a Gas Light" program and reports its findings back to the Council.