The Historic Hill Association

Newport, Rhode Island

Quality of life


Board Members met with City Manger Jane Howington, to discuss a variety of issues of concern to our neighborhood: Noise Ordinance Enforcement, more visible police presence on The Hill, Graffiti, Residential Parking, Gas Lights, Short-Term Rentals. Our main concern regarding to Noise Enforcement is limited number of zoning staff available during weekend nights to manage this continuous struggle, and without the authority to write citations on the spot, they have to call in and wait for a Police Officer to respond. Police presence on foot or bike during weekend nights could also be of assistance. The City Manager is aware of the problems and has some ideas to tackle the issue. Our Council Member Kate Leonard also attended the meeting, and suggested we initiate a “Community Call for Action” in cooperation with other Neighborhood Associations, to increase our voice. These “Quality Of Life Initiatives” are goals of many among us. HHA will continue to follow-up on these and other issues discussed!