The Historic Hill Association

Newport, Rhode Island

Tower Fence Restoration
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Newport’s single most identifiable sentinel to its past is the Stone Tower in Touro Park. Displayed on the city flag, the Tower has silently watched over the comings and goings of Newport’s history and is still shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Guarding the Tower is a 19th century cast iron fence, protecting it from those who might want to get a closer look at the Tower for good or for mischief.
The ages have taken its toll on the condition of the fence
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Rusted, missing posts, lost pickets tops and is in desperate need of restoration. The existing lights illuminating the Tower, which pre-date more efficient lighting produced today, are frequently out and should be updated to more energy efficient units.

The Historic Hill Association, seeing a need for restoration of the fence is reaching out to the community asking for help in raising the funds needed to restore the fence and in reality to protect the Stone Tower.
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The Historic Hill Association has partnered with The Newport Historical Society using their 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit status allowing potential donors to use applicable tax deductions for their contribution.

The process has started and we have received several contributions so far and would like to offer you the opportunity to partner with those who also care about Historic Newport.
Help us raise $45,000!
The Restoration Committee composed of Pamela Giroux, Jean Gorham and Peter Chabot, with the aid of Scott Wheeler, have chosen Bob Rotundo to restore the fence and Toner Electric to replace the electrical lights.  The cost of the project is: $45,000.00 with a small endowment to be used for extended and future maintenance.

We have now raised $38,495.
We have now reached 85% of the funds needed. We hope that you will consider helping with this most important project. Should you choose to help, a contribution should be sent to The Newport Historical Society at 82 Touro. The donation should be made to them with a notation that it is for “The Tower Fence Restoration.”
Please click button below for a printable form to send with your donation.